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Rose Burke offers writing and editing services for clients across a wide variety of industries. She specializes in blog content, landing pages, press releases, white papers, and social media marketing. Get a quote today by filling out the form on her website.


Is managing your company's marketing content taking time and focus away from advancing other areas of your business? Then It might be time to hire a professional marketing content writer.

Skip large media companies with hundreds of clients and Get your content straight from the source. Hiring a marketing content writer will ensure you receive dedicated service and quality writing at a fraction of the cost.

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Content creation

Bring your products or services to the attention of more people by hiring a trained expert to write all of your company's important content. Purchase unique and informative content for your company's landing pages, whitepapers, press releases, marketing brochures, and more. This service aims to increase web traffic and give your brand the professional edge it needs to stand out.

Available content creation services include:

  • Extensive topic research

  • SEO and keyword optimization

  • Internal linking

  • Meta descriptions

  • Social media post content

  • Print-ready formatting

  • Technical writing

  • Stock photos


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Blog management

Publishing blog content daily is an essential aspect of marketing these days and has become the key to a successful business. Rose creates content that is not only relative to your business' industry, but content that your target audience will want to read. As a practiced marketing professional, Rose can ensure you’re keeping up with competitors who are posting new content on a daily basis.

Available blog management services include:

  • Blog idea pitches

  • Daily, weekly, or monthly blog posts

  • SEO and keyword optimization

  • Internal linking

  • External source linking

  • Meta descriptions

  • Social media post content

  • Stock photos


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Content editing

Ensure that all of your content is flawless and error free so your potential customers take your company seriously. Whether it's your website or marketing material that needs some revamping, Rose can transform it into something readers won't soon forget. Aspiring author? Rose can also polish up your manuscript before sending it off to agents or self-publishing it on your own. 

Available content and manuscript editing services include:

  • Eliminating typos

  • Fixing grammatical errors

  • Track all changes for your review

  • Checking for consistency

  • Ensuring comprehension

  • Line by line editing

  • Directional advice

  • Detailed critique


Past Clients and client feedback

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“Rose is amazing. She offered me excellent services & communicated outstandingly.
She made sure she got me right and gave me what I wanted. I will keep using her.”

“Great job! Usually I need 3 or more revisions from other writers before I can use it. She listened to what I wanted and delivered it precisely as I wanted.”

“She did a spectacular job. So easy to work with and she understood everything that I asked for and wanted. I highly recommend using her services. Can't say thanks enough for a job well done!”